What our customers say...?

I thought you might like to hear about a very positive experience I'm having with my 3 year old mix breed male dog. Ever since he was a puppy he has suffered from an itchy dry skin condition. Vets wanted to medicate him, but I decided to try some natural remedies first and started doing my own research. I tried him on a completely 100% raw diet but he wasn't fussed (different brand of barf and chix wings).

Over the last couple of years I tried all different sorts of holistic dry foods, they improved his condition but he was failing to maintain body condition (weight) as he simply just wasn't food motivated and not interested in eating dry food. Well, approx. 6 weeks ago now, I thought I'd give raw another go. So I did some research on all the different premade barf options and was blown away with the quality and simplicity of your mixture.

Right from the word go, my boy has licked clean his bowl time and time again, and even hangs around for more. It's lovely to see him enjoying his food. He has gained a little weight, which is great. He also gets 2 chix necks a day and he loves them too. His skin condition has improved out of sight. And his coat is ever so soft and shiny. Even after only 6 weeks people are already commenting about how great he looks.

I just wanted to say thank you from the both of us. I really appreciate what your food has done for my boy."
Melissa, Brisbane

My Weimaraner Monty has just turned 10 years old. About a year ago his hair started falling out and he had open welts and lumps all over his body. He was lethargic and so ill, we had real concerns for his health. Several trips to two different vets, skin scrapings, a plethora of ointments, sprays, antibiotics, anti inflammatories and immune boosters and vitamins, saw only a change to my finances and no improvement to Monty's health.

We had fed Monty the same dried food since he was a puppy without a problem. All of a sudden we had a very sick dog. The vet didn't know what else to do. I did some research on my own and this lead me towards trying a new raw meat diet thinking it might be a food allergy causing his skin condition.

I tried a few different brands including Dr Billinghursts and Raw 4 Paws. Some brands actually made him vomit. Others didn't smell fresh, or felt a bit slimy. The Raw 4 Paws was by far a superior quality - it was just so fresh and actually looked good enough to feed humans! You could tell it was made with really good quality ingredients and see the little chunks of vegetables and other ingredients.

We started with the individual portions which were really handy to take from the freezer as I needed them, but have now moved on to the 1kg rolls as we found he would eat 1kg a day as a good maintenance feed. After only a few weeks Monty's health really started to improve. 6 months later and it's like we have a different dog. Not only does he have a fully shining healthy coat, he has boundless energy which is pretty good for a 10 year old Weimy.

I've even been able to take him off the expensive anti inflammatories as his arthritis has improved so much. I don't need any of the other additives like Sasha's blend any more either. Feeding raw food may be a little bit more expensive than dry, but it's a fantastic investment in your dog's health and will help save in the long run - no more medicines, additives or vet bills in 6 months and looking good for the future.

I'm certain Raw 4 Paws has saved my dog's life, and has extended it longer than we would have expected for a large dog of his age. I would recommend Raw 4 Paws without hesitation, it's a fantastic product - it really is."
Tanya, Sunshine Coast

Our Dog Samson, Standard Poodle, was diagnosed with Addisons Disease when he was 2yrs old and over the next few years was a lot of trial and error along with a few relapses and trips to the Vets.

But since he has been on Raw 4 Paws, he has never been Healthier and full of energy. The Vets are very impressed and so are we.

It's been 2yrs since he started Raw 4 Paws and I would Highly recommend this product"
Sabine, Brisbane