The Raw 4 Paws Story

As assistance dog trainer I got a puppy to raise and train for an assistance dog organization here in Brisbane about 6 years ago.

Training went well but shortly before finishing the training program the dog suddenly became very ill, she started vomitting for days, stopped eating and drinking alltogether and lost an alarming amount of weight just in a few days.

Our vets ran a number of tests but didn't know what it was. To save her they put her on a high dose of cortisone to stop the vomitting and to make her eat again.

That of course worked but I was told that she would have to stay on these meds for the rest of her life. If I'd stop giving them she would relapse and die. Then one of the associate vets did another, more specialized test and found out that she had a so called "eosinophillic disorder" which is rare but not completely uncommon in dogs and is kind of allergy to certain commercial dog food ingredients.

She was only 12 months old at that time, so not a good prognosis. I was not happy with this result, started researching about this disorder and learned that it is possible to control it to a certain point by feeding the correct diet.

So my husband and I developed a recipe of a natural, but still balanced, high quality and completely raw diet for her without any by-products, artificial additives or allergy-causing ingredients.

She liked it from the first moment, started to recover and I was even able to wean her off the cortisone again completely.

Back then, after we got the diagnosis, the organization obviously could not use her as assistance dog and so we kept her as our pet. This is now almost 5 years ago and she is still well and happy.

Other dog people who knew us and her, noticed that she recovered, asked what we had done and wanted to try our dog food as well for their dogs. And so it all started....