How much do I feed...

A healthy dog should be fed about 2% - 3% of it’s bodyweight

Weight 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg 45kg
2% 100g 200g 300g 400g 500g 600g 700g 800g 900g
3% 150g 300g 450g 600g 750g 900g 1050g 1200g 1350g

These are approximate guidelines only.
Your pet may need less or more food to maintain proper weight.
Adjust as needed. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian.

We believe that it is best to feed an adult dog
two smaller meals instead of only one large meal once a day.

Feeding a dog two meals will reduce scavenging for food all day until it’s meal time and it also will minimise the risk of bloat and twisted stomach, two serious conditions that are very painful for the dog and can end deadly.

Puppies up to six months of age should have at least 3 meals per day, younger pups 4 meals. After six months feeds can be reduced to two meals per day.

Never leave uneaten food out all day. Firstly, raw food can spoil and attract flies/ants, secondly leaving food out for the dog all day will create “fussy eaters”.

At meal time allow your dog to eat for about 10 minutes and take any uneaten food away after that. Our raw food, once thawed, will stay fresh in the fridge for at least 24 hours. It is not recommended to feed any raw foods after that period of time.

Raw 4 Paws® comes in individually wrapped patties for convenience and easy use. Simply take out the amount of patties needed for the day, defrost and feed.

No need to touch the food with your hands...