Our aim is to maximise the health and longevity of dogs...

and to minimise the need for veterinary intervention.
Some of the changes you can expect after switching from a
commercial (dry, cooked or canned) food to a raw natural diet:

- Improved hydration as raw meat, vegetables and fruit contain more water and much less salt then the specially treated dry and other commercial foods

- Enhanced immune system, reduced allergy disposition, fewer and less severe ear infections as there are no preservatives and additives in our food nor does it contain wheat, yeast or dairy products that have been linked to allergies which sadly have become more common in many dogs today

- Less smelly, smaller stool volumes and less anal gland problems since there are no fillers and by-products the food is easily digested and better absorbed by the dog’s body. That leads to firm dry stools that help anal glands to be emptied naturally

- Shiny coat and healthy skin as our raw diet contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, vitamins and minerals which are necessary to help maintaining great skin and coat condition

- Fat Reduction and increased Muscle Tone initially you will probably notice weight loss and your dog becomes more lean. When the weight starts to come back it will be in muscle form and your dog will look and feel great.

- Less “Doggy Smell” leads to less frequent bathing which is also great for your dog’s skin and coat